George W Bush Puts Forward His Opinions Concerning The Immigrant Crisis

George W Bush
George W Bush

George W Bush, the former President of the United States of America, called on the US Congress in a matter concerning the subject of immigration. He told them to change the “harsh rhetoric” they carried on the subject. The former President also stated the reason for doing so which was beneficial. According to him, if whatever he said is followed, then that would hopefully make way for a number of reforms concerning immigration.

George W Bush On Immigrants

George W Bush gave a statement at a show on one of the widely known news channels. He requested Congress to follow his guidelines with regard to the immigrants. The statement came in this Sunday.

The plea made by the former President of America follows the debate that has currently occupied the floor of the Congress. It is the topic of the reform of immigration. The debate comes after the influx of heavy migrants over the border of the Us and Mexico. As of now, the administration of the Democratic president, Joe Biden, is going through a serious crisis due to the issue. George W Bush also called for an action that would be a bi-partisan one. He proposed for a bipartisan measure to be taken in order to solve the problem.

The former president belonging to the state of Texas has always shown support for the community of immigrants who were residing in his home state. He also, many a time, took pride in the history of America with regard to the subject of immigration. George W Bush has always advocated for the policies of immigration.

When he was elected as the American President for the second time, Bush gave way to reforms that granted citizenship to over 12 million immigrants who were without official documents. He also worked in order to strengthen the security at the border areas. However, the bill stopped working from 2007.

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