Watch Out For Stimulus Check In These States: Cities To Give Support To Residents

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

With federal stimulus checks drying up at the end of 2021, it was left to the states to come up with relief measures for residents. These payments helped Americans during 2022 when record inflation pushed up prices across the US. 

The highest inflation in over forty years affected the prices of all goods and services. The impact of the pandemic on various industries has been immense, leading to significant changes across the board. From the skyrocketing prices of gasoline to the increased costs of rent and groceries, consumers have been drastically affected on multiple fronts. But despite 21 states sending out inflation relief stimulus checks in 2022, the numbers have gradually dried out and only a few states are sending out money to residents. 

2023 has so far been marked by most states moving away from further support. But a few states and local governments continue to give out stimulus checks in various forms.

Local And State Governments Continue To Send Out Stimulus Checks In 2023 

While Americans were denied further stimulus checks after 2021, some states will continue with payments even in 2023. The refunds too have been smaller with the Internal Revenue Service warning taxpayers that their refunds in 2023 are way smaller than payments during the pandemic years. Taxpayers did not receive an additional stimulus payment with their tax refund because there were no Economic Impact Payments in 2022.

But the support given by state government through various stimulus checks has helped millions stay afloat even as prices remained high all through. Consumer prices have again witnessed an increase in April and measures of underlying inflation continue to be high, the federal government reported on Wednesday.

With cities moving in to help low and moderate-income residents, there is still hope for the people affected by the pandemic and later by the record inflation. 

Direct Cash Assistance Helps Cambridge Announce Major Relief To Many Families

Cities too have moved in with direct support measures. Cambridge in Massachusetts has announced its second round of assistance to residents. In its first round in 2022, the city allocated around $22 million from funds received under the American Rescue Plan Act signed by President Biden in March 2021. 

That was within weeks after he came to power. The initial payment to a handful of families was to study the adverse effects of the pandemic and find ways to combat it through direct assistance. 

Cambridge is the first city in the country to expand its cash assistance program that is targeted toward every family affected by poverty. 

Mayor Siddiqui said that the commitment of the government has always been to find a way to expand the impact of the funding scheme and ensure that families living in poverty in the city would receive similar cash assistance. He said that this was more important given the effect of the pandemic on residents, especially in the low and moderate-income category. 

The Mayor said that this allocation, which he termed historic, would put individuals and families on the path of economic stability. 

Geeta Pradhan of the Cambridge Community Foundation stressed that Cambridge has always led the way on progressive issues and has a clear vision of integrity and compassion. She said that the people involved in this economic transformation would help reduce the debilitating trauma of scarcity and place families on a path to economic stability. 

Beneficiaries of the scheme spoke about how they fought back after struggling to clear off their debts. The payments have helped beneficiaries cover their expenses for childcare, class, transportation, and many more. Pradhan said that she was confident that the cash infusion will rescue the troubling trauma of food and other scarcity and place families on a road to economic stability. 

The Mayor was by recipients of the benefits who spoke about how the stimulus checks have helped them enhance their skills and take on better-paying jobs. Cambridge has proved that direct stimulus checks to families and individuals have been effective in anti-poverty strategies. Families who are struggling can utilize funds in the best way that benefits them. 

Georgia Provides Special Tax Refunds Stimulus Checks To Residents

The revenue department of Georgia has given details of the special tax refunds even as the state goes ahead with a new round of stimulus checks. New payments are in the line and are between $250 and $500 that began in May. 

Residents who have paid their income tax for 2021 have qualified for the Georgia stimulus checks. Residents who failed to pay any state tax or owe child support could have their stimulus check amount lowered. 

State officials said that if they detect any sort of delinquency anywhere, the Georgia administration has a right to take the full or part of the amount, and it usually does. 

Finally, residents should have paid state taxes for the past two years to be considered eligible for the Georgia stimulus checks. The first round of the Georgia state stimulus checks has already been issued. The Georgia revenue department informed us that the first round of surplus tax refund checks has been issued.

The extra money is an additional refund of income taxes from 2021 that has been sourced from the revenue surplus enjoyed by the state. Filers must have paid and filed their income tax returns for the past two years to be eligible. 

The highest amount of $500 went out to married couples filing jointly. $375 is for single filers with dependents and $250, the lowest amount is for single filers with no other dependents. 

An agency spokesperson said that the revenue department of Georgia has already processed over a million refunds with a combined value of $257 million. 

For those who are yet to receive their stimulus checks, the revenue department has assured that the refunds will go out in the next 8 weeks for those who have filed their returns by April 18. for those who filed after the tax deadline, the wait will be longer as refunds will not be issued till the 2022 income tax returns have been processed.