Kim Reynolds Got Teenagers Back

kim reynolds

How exactly does she have the back of all the teenagers of Iowa? The Republican governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds brought back child labor protection. This bill was fading away or perhaps already did. This bill is likely to bring back the lost permission of teenagers of all economic classes to work. Alongside their studies, they need a professional field to excel. These experiences could be highly beneficial for them to find their niche in the future.

The bill passed after weeks of debates and negative responses from the opponents.

This bill has two sides, the good and the bad. Both were argued properly given all the pros and cons. The democratic party was totally against the bill. 

Kim Reynolds Just Gave Financial Hand For The Children

After signing the bill Kim Reynolds joined the other 20 states in this regard. Their main priority was to relax child labor. With this teenagers would be able to work along with their studies.

Here Democratic party argued. The children are likely to be distracted from their studies and extracurricular activities. Which is the most crucial part of their career to get into college. 

Money coming into the picture might disrupt their dreams. 

According to Kim Reynolds, by bringing the child labor bill back it would help them in their finances. Those teenagers would be able to help out their parents. 

The majority have a single parent who is struggling to make ends meet. 

Kim Reynolds further added that involving those children in work would shape their characteristics. Iowa represents good work ethics. They would be prepared to step into the professional field soon. With this, they are being provided with the opportunity to build and shape their future as they want. Kim Reynolds signing the bill would bring the pass to the youth to work. Last year she lowered the age limit for working besides studying.