Billy Joel’s New Music Video Out: Turn The Lights Back On Sees Singer Transform Into His Younger Self

Billy Joel

It has been hailed as one of the greatest music clips ever made. Billy Joel made a journey through his younger self dating back to the 60s, 70s, and 90s. And he has proved that he is back at the top of his world. It is a tribute to a recollection of, his rich legacy even as he confidently looks into the future.

This landmark Billy Joel video is his first after years and sees the 74-year-old musician playing the tracks through different periods of his career down the decades. And he has enriched the experience by relying on groundbreaking technology, including artificial intelligence.

The music video has been directed by Freddy Wexler and Warren Fu. The video starts with Billy Joel turning the pages of a notebook and displays the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song Famous Last Words. He sees a blank page and begins playing the opening notes of Turn The Lights Back On. And when the popular singer starts singing, the camera pans back to a younger version of Billy Joel.

Billy Joel Speaks Of His Creative Process

This ballad is the first original single released by Billy Joel in seventeen years. The lyrics were written by Arthur Bacon, Wayne Hector, and the singer himself. The song first went public during the 2024 Grammy and was well received as the audience gave a resounding standing ovation.

Before the song, a video went on air and revealed that the song took two years to produce. He spoke of his creative process in writing a song. He spoke of going into isolation, “become a caveman” is how he puts it. He admits that it is not a fun process. It is lonely and self-centered. He says that it is even akin to torture.  But then afterward, he loves the process of having written a song. Billy Joel’s performance at Madison Square Garden only July 25 will mark his 150th performance at the famous venue.