Government Website Reveals Details Of $850 Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

With the federal stimulus check on pause after December 2021, it is up to the states to come up with support payments to help people tide over the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. And even as the economy was on the road to recovery, the high inflation rates have played havoc with the finances of low-earning citizens.

Getting a stimulus check is now down to your geographical location. a few states have come up with their own version of stimulus checks. Maine, for instance, has come up with its version of a state relief check. But the state relief payments are in marked contrast with the federal stimulus check of 2021.

The governor of Maine, Janet Mills, gave consent to a $1.2Bbudget signed into law recently that would, among other expenses, help fund an $850 stimulus check for eligible individual residents of the state. The amount would be double that of a regular household at $1,700.

Website Set Up For Maine Stimulus Check

Around 858,000 residents are expected to benefit from the Maine relief check. The state administration of Maine has even set up a site,, on April 22. People can get details of the payment from the website.

One important piece of information contained in the stimulus check website is that the funding for the relief check has come from the state surplus budget. The relief payments will return 50% of the surplus funds of $729.3 to the residents of Maine who are trying to come to terms with the rising inflationary costs triggered initially by the pandemic.

The website also contains several frequently answered questions (FAQs). It reveals, for instance, that residents qualified for the relief checks must have an AGI below $100,000 for single filers and double that at $200,000 for married couples filing jointly. For heads of households, the limit has been set at $150,000.