Update On The $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check: New Deadline

The federal administration has backed away from further stimulus checks as it has faced stiff opposition from the opposition. But various states have got their act together and have relied on budget surpluses and federal aid for the pandemic to help out their residents.

One county’s residents are in for a $1,400 bonus stimulus check depending on their geographical location. Residents of Johnson County in Iowa will receive a generous one-off payment if they get lucky at a state-backed lottery.

This stimulus check lottery has been funded by the federal administration’s aid of $3.5M under the American Rescue Plan. The county has come up with the Direct Assistance program to provide financial support to eligible residents, which are those will low and moderate-income and who were affected directly by the pandemic.

Residents Have To Submit Proof Of Identity And Residence For Stimulus Check

Residents have to apply and also supporting documents that prove their residency, income, and other vital details necessary to push through the stimulus check.

The resident can see the online portal to submit the application and give supporting documents. The last date for applying the county stimulus check is May 23, 12 pm.

The grants coordination of Johnson County, Donna Brooks said that the long-awaited program will open at noon, on May 2, Monday,  and close 4 weeks later on May 23.

Brooks said that the administration is preparing for 4 weeks of intense work, which will be connected to the Direct Assistance Program.

The supervisors had voted 3-2 in favor of creating the program in February. The funding of $3.5M will come from Iowa’s American Rescue Plan Act funds to finance the $1,400 stimulus check which will be given out through a lottery. Recipients will be randomly selected from the submitted applications.

Johnson County received $29.3M from the massive $1.9T federal allocation for the package.