Larry Hogan, The Maryland Governor Criticized For “Political Posturing”

Larry Hogan
Larry Hogan

The head of the NAACP of Maryland criticized the move taken by Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland. The criticism was made this Sunday. The Governor was criticized due to the posthumous pardon of the victims of lynching. He was accused of “political posturing.” The NAACP claimed that the governor had issued dozens of blanket pardons of the victims belonging to the community of the Black in the state. This took place even after the fact that numerous of them never got convicted. They were merely under accusations prior to getting killed.

Larry Hogan’s Act Of Posthumous Pardon

Larry Hogan got criticized for issuing blanket pardons for Howard Cooper. Cooper belonged to the community of the Blacks and was just 15 years old. The reason for his death was because he was accused of raping and assaulting one woman who was White. The Maryland Governor issued the pardons for 33 more victims this Saturday. They had been subjected to racial lynching in the state. These incidents had taken place between the years 1854 to 1933. 

As per the historical marker that was erected at the news conference that took place this Saturday by Larry Hogan, Howards Cooper was not given the opportunity to fight his case. He had to face a jury that was full of White members. And they gave the decision stating that he was guilty within minutes. What is disturbing is the fact that there was no such statement recorded from the victim claiming that she had been raped. 

The criticism towards Governor Larry Hogan’s action takes place when the country is fighting the deaths of innocent people belonging to the community of color. And that too, by the hands of the police. The act only re-ignites the issue of the racist past of the country. Acts like violent murders and lynching were carried out in the horrific past.

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