What does the future hold for online casinos in the US? 

Online gaming is one of the hottest industries out there right now. And casino games are some of the most popular out there. Millennials are driving both the rise in tech and the exciting new experiences available when it comes to casino games. According to the UK Gambling Commission, around 18% of millennial interest is in the gambling sector — a figure that continues to grow as more immersive experiences and fun games become available.  

Like other countries around the world, the US has seen a rise in online casinos. Gambling laws vary by state; online casinos are currently legal in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, with new laws under review in states like Michigan for 2020. Online poker is legal in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Delaware and may also be legal in Michigan during 2020.  

 But what does the future hold for these online casinos? Read on to find out more.  

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

 The online casino industry is an incredibly saturated and competitive market. There’s money to be made in online casino games — both for the people that make them and the players — which means that gaming companies are investing a lot in making their games and platforms like online-casinos.com the most exciting for players so that they can stand out from the crowd.  

One of the more interesting developments in technology and games recently has been around virtual and augmented reality. Augmented Reality allows you to have digital projections overlaid on what’s already around you — Pokémon Go is a fantastic example of a game that went huge and utilises Augmented Reality as part of it’s experience. It’s all about making your gaming experience much more immersive. And while it’s not been utilised much by online casinos it’s likely it will be in the future. Imagine a live DJ being projected into your living room, dealing hands right in front of you. This could be the future of online casinos!  

 Virtual Reality, like Augmented Reality, is all about the simulation effect. But in this instance, the user is placed in a virtual environment. There’s already a lot of virtual reality games out there, but not so much when it comes to the casino ones. But, like Augmented Reality, we can expect Virtual Reality to play a big part of casino gaming in the future, even allowing players to enjoy and play some of the world’s best casinos from the comfort of their homes.  


The rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are likely to play a much larger part in casino games. Many of the major online casinos are already taking advantage of the blockchain industry by accepting these cryptocurrencies as forms of payment.  

The advantages over traditional currency? Anonymity (players don’t need to share bank details) as well as faster, more secure transactions that cut out the middleman. This is an area that’s likely to expand as cryptocurrencies begin to become more and more mainstream.   

Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming is what is already driving the success of online casinos. The ability for players to enjoy their favourite games from wherever they happen to be — whether that’s on their commute, in their homes, or on a break at work, means that more people and ever are signing up for online casino websites. What we can predict for the future is that as devices become more advanced, casino games will follow suit. Perhaps more people will play on mobile than land-based casinos — or land-based casinos will have to offer different entertainment experiences to compensate. Only time will tell, but mobile is definitely here to stay. 


 Personalisation is a massive trend across a variety of sectors. Essentially it’s about giving each user exactly what they’re looking for, whether that comes to products and services, entertainment opportunities and more. On the most basic level, think about the ‘recommended titles for you’ on Netflix feature. It’s all about collecting user data and using it to really personalise the offering to each unique individual.  

It’s likely that casinos will begin to utilise these aspects of personalisation in their online games by paying more attention to their customers. This will allow them to offer the right content and keep them happy, including tailored promotions, game recommendations and special bonuses.  

 Improved Global Operations 

 As the licensing and regulation around online casinos is constantly changing, we can expect this to keep moving towards more secure regulating bodies in the future. The online world has made everything much more global — the casino industry has followed suit. Ultimately, safety will become more and more of a priority to ensure that all customers are getting the best experience possible while playing without having to worry about things like online fraud or minors having access to these sites. Customers can expect an improved experience overall when it comes to making transactions, speed of websites and customer support.  

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