What TV Shows and Films Do Celebrities Watch? 


Okay, let’s be honest: a lion’s share of people like watching TV shows and find them quite amusing. In fact, people watch these shows everywhere: at home, at work, while drinking coffee in cafe or even while attending (or not) a university lecture. TV shows have become viral, so do the platforms, which broadcast them. However, the shows may become even more popular, if they are recommended by our good old celebrities: actors, singers, even politicians! So, what TV shows do world-famous people watch and enjoy so much?


The famous British singer and the author of several Billboard hits doesn’t conceal her delight of recently watched TV Shows. She’s also considered to be a devoted fan of British dramas and comedies. For example, she wrote  on her Instagram page that she had been stunned with a thrilling drama about a young writer called I May Destroy You. She commented that it was hilarious and sad at the same time, but it takes your time to make a cup of tea and watch it almost without blinking.

James Corden

This steady host of “The Late Late Show”, who even speaks to TV shows stars weekly and live on British channels, knows exactly what to invest your time in if it comes to watching some stuff on Netflix or other platforms. In his opinion, the best TV show he has ever seen is the one based on the bestselling book of Sally Rooney – Normal People. James claimed that it is both fascinating and influential. Well, this TV show will surely go down in history due to its influence, and if you want to see in future some paperworks related to the appropriate topic – go here, maybe you will also find something new!

Hugh Grant

We move on with our British celebrities row, and next up is a very prominent actor – Hugh Grant. Except for the fact that he is one of the most “demanded” actors (even nowadays), he also finds some time to watch novelties. In particular, he is a fan of Midsommar: both folk film and horror, which describes the Scandinavian nature and pagan rites. Quite an untypical choice, right? Mr. Grant once said on a live show that he couldn’t sleep after watching it, and even had  nightmares! Nevertheless, he stated that Midsommar was unforgettable for its atmosphere of secrecy and mystics.

Robert Downey Jr.

Charismatic and friendly actor, who you surely know for his Iron Man role in Marvel movies, is also keen on watching various TV shows. Probably you would ask yourself a question – what our adorable Tony Stark would watch: sci-fi, space odyssey, or maybe the film called Earthlings, the scenario of which has great ecology essay examples? Well, how about the notorious Black Mirror – a dystopian TV show, which demonstrates the alternative types of societies. Robert remarked on the third episode of the first season. It’s up to you whether you watch it or not, but seeing an alternative dimension of society… What a reference to The Avengers though!

Barack Obama

We do not want to limit our digest with only celebs, and we have included an impressive politician and former US President, Barack Obama. Yes, politicians also watch TV shows! However, if you think that it is  only House of Cards, you are  wrong. Mr. Obama once said that he had fallen in love with a viral TV show – Queen’s Gambit. If you are a stunning fan of chess, you will find this show quite entertaining and probably learn some tricky tactics. However, there is a share of truth in Obama’s devotion to “Gambit” because politics is a great chessboard, and every figure may be crucial in different situations. What a moral and what an allegory.


As you may see, we can continue and continue our list, and it is as cool as a TV show Rihanna likes the most. In her view, Breaking Bad is the best TV show of all time. Once it was nominated for an Emmy Award three years in a row. So, it must be definitely catchy, and definitely catchy it is! The story about a desperate chemistry teacher, who became more pragmatic in his scope, can hold the attention of a broad audience. It is also not a secret that Rihanna got her ex-boyfriend, Drake, to break bad and watch the full TV show!


So, that’s it for now! If you found among this list your idol celebrity, you may surely stick to his or her opinion. TV shows can be either entertaining, or edifying and influential, or even both! That is why following such a positive habit, practised by our favorite TV stars or influencers, is quite a good thing in our lives. We also bet that you have filled your to-watch list with some fine shows, and thus, be enjoyed!