White House Calls For Emergency Help

White House
White House

White House has called for immediate help for emergency funds. They have released a statement that the House is currently running low on covid funds.

Jeff Zients is one of the coordinators of the House. He recently appeared in one of the episodes of In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt”. Jeff stated that the emergency funds have been depleted to a large extent.

Immediate monetary assistance would be a huge boost for the House. Otherwise, the covid related programs might be difficult to execute. He also said that it would be very much impossible to provide funding for a fourth vaccine if it was required.

The proper distribution of booster doses would also suffer a blow if no further funding is sanctioned. The House has approached Congress and asked them for immediate financial help.

Zients stated that the federal government has to reduce state inventories by up to thirty percent. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

White House Ask For More Money 

White House running low on cash. The news was officially conveyed to the public recently. Representatives for the House said that urgent funding is required.

Meanwhile, a spending bill was proposed by Joe Biden earlier in the year. The bill had provisions for a lot of fields.

It was named ” Build Back Better”. The proposed program had a total budget of one trillion dollars. 

Unfortunately, the bill could not be passed due to vehement protests from the Republican leaders. Joe Manchin’s reluctance sealed the fate of the bill and it was scrapped.

It will now be interesting to see whether the White House gets more funding or not.