Welcome to the new United States of America, where lies are king and presidents and laws can  rotate 180 degrees every four years.  

But this is not what the American people want. People like you and me. We want a government that is responsive to our needs, because that is the ONLY reason they are in a position of power. WE THE PEOPLE do not want change that occurs only because of the politics of the moment and flip back when the moment passes 

Were some of President Trump’s policies working? Yes, they were, and those policies should have been continued. Were some of them not working? Yes. Then those should be changed or tweaked or scrapped. If the motivations are genuine and worthwhile, the solutions should be out there. But since “vote blue, no matter who” was the rallying call, conservatives appear to be doomed for the immediate future.  

Joseph R. Biden was installed as our 46th President on January 20, 2021 and has yet to hold a genuine press conference. But he has managed to go back to Delaware to sleep in his own bed four times!  His absences, gaffes, and omissions have continued, leading one to expect him to be admitted into a Home any day now. His Press Secretary circles back a lot, more or less answering reporters on his behalf, even usurping participation by Vice President Kamala Harris, who stands to the side in her black Clinton pantsuits, despite being the politician permitted to converse with world leaders on Biden’s behalf 

After criticizing President Trump for his governing by Executive Order, frail Joe Biden of the New Regime spent his first week “in office” signing some 40 Executive Orders that were stacked up on his desk. In fact, he just picked up the encased bills, one at a time, signed, and went on to the next. Did he even know what he was signing?  

And who prepared all of these EO’s? Surely not Biden, who rarely knows who he is talking to, never mind how or what to issue orders on They were probably prepared by his cohorts on the Democratic left, ready to scrape out as much money and legal infrastructure as possible from the U.S. while the going was good. Soros? Pelosi? Yellen? Rice? Buttigieg? Warren? Sanders? 

Although we didn’t hear much of substance from Biden before the election, there are certainly more than enough issues on his plate now for him to give a Press Conference every day, and then stay to answer questions put to him by reporters who have NOT already submitted said questions to his staff  

Some suggestions: New York nursing home deaths during the pandemic, Senate filibusters, an immigration crisis at our borders, 2020 election irregularities, accusations by women in the workplace against politicians, unemployment, masking/vaccines in the pandemic, tax increases, trillions of dollars in debt that will be loaded onto the backs of our children, cartels fighting a war right across the Rio Grande from Texas, student college debt, repercussions of K-12 school closures for a full year, gun control, abortion laws, Pelosi, Cuomo, Newsom, racism, $35M to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, $600M for the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities, $10M to Pakistan for gender studies, limitations on energy options, gag orders on journalists, home grown terrorists, packing the Supreme Court, children being trafficked across Mexico and kept in detention in Texas, COVID status of immigrants as they are allowed to enter the interior of the U.S., relations with Russia or China or Iran, a new invasion of Syria, and on and on.  

We could write a book about the problems created or worsened by the Biden Administration, which is only two months old. But that probably isn’t necessary. Each one of us is going to feel the burden of the Democratic takeover of 2020, and hopefully we will remember it when we line up to vote in 2022 and 2024.  

By: B. Walsh 


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