Web Scraping
Web Scraping

Whether you are a new start-up or an existing business operating in the e-commerce sector, you are probably wondering how to increase your sales. Technology has made everything easier if you only understand how to utilize it to the max. The contemporary data analysis methods and automation processes like web scraping allow you to gather massive competitive insights in no time. 

Web scraping is applicable in real estate, marketing, flight and travel aggregators, among other forms of businesses. 

Are you wondering what web scraping is? It is the process of extracting or gathering data using a computer program or bot. The program reads the HTML codes from a web page, gathers specific data, and structures them in your database for analysis and use. 

There are four primary reasons why businesses should use web scraping. However, before diving into these reasons, let’s first understand how businesses get data through web scraping, data acquisition, and customer tracking. 

Two Methods of Web Scraping 

  1. Using a Website

Web scraping software can be categorized into two: locally installed software and cloud-based software. Examples of web scraping software installed in a computer include OutWit Hub and Visual Web Ripper, among others. The import.io and Mozenda are examples of cloud data extraction based software. 

  1. Writing Codes

In this case, the developer will build custom data extraction software tailored to your specific requirements and then use web scraping APIs to develop the software easily. For instance, proxy service allows you to easily access APIs necessary to scrape data from the website. You can take your business to the next level with the help of a reliable proxy provider such as Smartproxy 


How Do Marketers Access Data Aggregation Services? 

Marketers can access data aggregation services using web scraping APIs, which assist developers in developing software easily. A reliable proxy service allows developers to easily access APIs to aggregate data from any website without geographical restrictions and website blocks. We recommend considering a proxy provider, which has helped many businesses reach their goals. 

There are three benefits that marketers gain by using data aggregation services: 

  1. Ease of use. These services are designed to easily integrate with the existing systems and software.
  2. Convenience. The data gathered is well structured and can be used immediately. It also provides access to large data while freeing up time to tackle other business areas.
  3. Access to advanced technology. Web scraping can be used by anyone. Therefore, small businesses gain access to cutting-edge features that bigger players use.

How Do Travel Aggregators’ Websites Work? 

A travel aggregator website allows travelers to search for suitable deals across multiple websites, giving you results in one place. For instance, if you search for the cheapest flight from Canada to New York, you can go to the aggregator website and search for various airlines to automatically select the cheapest. 

There are numerous aggregator websites, including Skyscanner, Adioso, Google Flights, and Expedia. Expedia website gathers and aggregates data from numerous travel service providers. They use this data to develop their travel agency app and website for clients to compare travel costs. 

Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Web Scraping 

Price optimization 

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is the issue of increasing prices without losing customers. While striking a balance between profit optimization and customer retention is not a guarantee, it is essential to understand that customers are willing to pay more for quality products. Businesses should aim at increasing the value of their products where competitors are lucking. 

Also, web scraping can assist in establishing a dynamic pricing strategy. 

Investment decisions 

Web scraping is not new in the field of investment. Web scraping techniques have always been used by hedge funds to aggregate data necessary to avoid the risk of flops. Investment decisions require a series of analyses before settling on a sound decision. As such, web scraping can be used to gather and analyze data effectively. For instance, if you are considering investing in the stock market, you can use web scraping to analyze the market. 

Lead generation 

Lead generation is the primary aspect of business success. Are you tired of generating insufficient leads for the business? With web scraping, you can extract lead information from millions of websites within a short period and for free. 

First, set a target persona: job title, company, etc. Then, identify relevant websites to your niche: travel, real estate or other. 

With the customer list at hand, you can start sending crafted email campaigns to avoid being marked as spam. 

Product optimization 

If your product team is about to launch a product and is anxious about its possible breakthrough, it is essential to gather customer feedback before launching. Web scraping can automate this process and promote the extraction of customer information faster, saving time and energy. It will even analyze this information and group it into either positive, negative, or neutral. 

If you want to gather international information about competitors and customers without restrictions, use reliable proxy providers and watch your business thrive. These four benefits are just a fraction of what your business can get by using web scraping!