Chip Roy To Challenge For Conference Chair Against Stefanik

chip roy

On Thursday, Texan Republican representative Chip Roy stated his intention to run to challenge Elise Stefanik, New York’s GOP Representative. The two will fight it out for the post of the conference chair of the Republicans.

Chip Roy In Bid To Replace Cheney

Chip Roy told CNN of his intention as he was going to a forum behind closed doors at Capitol Hill. On Thursday evening, House members of the Republican party were supposed to have a hearing with Stefanik. Sources from the Republicans said that the election is going to be held on Friday. The House Republicans are going to select who the number 3 will be in the party. Stefanik is expected to prevail widely.

Chip Roy’s bid is still going to be a far cry since Stefanik has garnered a huge amount of support. However, he considers it a chance to hear Stefanik on the topic as well as express his concerns regarding the process.

Currently, Stefanik is going to replace Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Representative, without any opposition. On Wednesday, Cheney was made to abdicate the chair by Republicans of the House. Liz Cheney had a public and prolonged feud with Donald Trump, the former President. However, a few lawmakers have spoken against Stefanik’s voting record which is comparatively moderate. The speed of the whole process has also been a concern for some. However, Stefanik has the backing of Trump and other prominent leaders of the GOP for the chair.

Trump repeated his support for Stefanik in a later statement. Chip Roy is a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus, the House aligned with Trump. Previously in the week, he had sent letters to his colleagues in which he doubted the qualifications of Stefanik. On Thursday, Chip Roy said that he believed Stefanik should have some kind of competition.

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