Udonis Haslem Is Ejected After 3 Minutes On First Appearance Of The Season

udonis haslem

Critics humorously reacted to the incident by saying the Udonis Haslem made the most of these minutes. The legend of the Miami Heat and the senior-most active player in the NBA made his season debut on Thursday.

Udonis Haslem Still Has Fight In Him

Thursday’s game was with the 76ers. The game was feisty before Udonis Haslem’s entrance due to a few exchanges between Trevor Ariza and Joel Embiid. After the entrance, it went like a play.

It began with Udonis Haslem’s triumphant entry. He is a player beloved by Heat fans. His career had started as far back as 2003. Now 40, Haslem is similar to an additional coach for the Miami Heat. However, both Heat fans and Pat Riley, the team president, found it thrilling to see him take the floor once more.

Then Haslem actually started performing. He made two attempts for the basket while on the field for 4 points as well as a rebound. It then ended with Udonis Haslem getting ejected from the match. It arguably elevated the player’s status and appearance to a legendary level. The incident occurred when he ran into Dwight Howard. He had only played for 3 minutes for all this to take place.

However, there is a silver lining to this. Riley approved completely of the incident before his eyes. The incident also made it into the record books. Udonis Haslem became the senior-most player to face ejection from a match in 20 seasons in the NBA.

Miami Heat won the match 106-94. The team’s record became 39-31 and solidified their 5th rank in the East.

Although the whole incident was entertaining, it might have been the last time Haslem appeared on the court. At least he will not be appearing on the home court of the Heat for the current regular season because there are two games left and they are both away.

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