Wisconsin Elections Commission Member Resigns

Wisconsin Primary

On Wednesday, a Republican official of the Wisconsin Elections Commission resigned from his post, claiming that he couldn’t represent the party effectively. As he believes that President Trump would lose the 2022 election.

Knudson, the former chair of the commission after three years in the state assembly, said the state party did not need him to take over because of his opinion on the election results. The commission was scheduled to vote on its leadership for the next term during its meeting on Wednesday, but due to Knudson’s departure, the vote was postponed.

Every two years, commissioners elect officers, with the chair and vice-chair seats alternately held by Democrats and Republicans. Republicans appeared to be on track to reclaim the presidency for the next term, which encompasses this year’s midterm elections and the start of the presidential campaign season in 2024.

Wisconsin Election Republican Member Resigns Due To His Belief That Trump Will Lose

According to The Associated Press, Dean Knudson would have challenged Republican Commissioner Bob Spindell, one of ten Wisconsin Republicans who sought to cast Electoral College votes for Trump. In 2020, President Biden won Wisconsin by almost 20,000 votes. A group of Wisconsin citizens sued Spindell and other Trump supporters last week, arguing that they violated voters’ lawful power to pick the candidate of their choice.

Following the news of Knudson’s departure, the commission decided 5-1 to delay the chair elections until its June 10 session, enabling the Speaker of the State Assembly to name Knudson’s replacement. The lone dissenter was Spindell. Following disagreements over the 2020 election results, several Republicans in the state have urged for the panel to be disbanded. After candidate Tim Michels reversed his stance on Wednesday, all four Republican contenders for governor have asked for the panel to be abolished.