Wizards Vs. Sixers Score And Takeaways From The Game


The Sixers have a lead of 23 points going into the 4th quarter on the night of Saturday. The Sixers just need to win 1 away game to advance into the semifinals of the Eastern Conference following their match with the Wizards at Capital Arena. They won by a margin of 132-103 while taking a lead of 3-0 in their series of seven matches. 

Takeaways From The Game Between the Sixers and Wizards!

The Wizards were left speechless by the performance of Joel Embiid who was a boost to the offensive nature of the Sixers. The All-Star player of the 76ers scored a record 36 points by shooting only 18 times. The refusal of Washington to run teams of a double at Embiid led to their demise. However, there was also action at the opposite end with Russell Westbrook recording double three times and Beal pouring in a total of 25 points.

But the performance of the duo wasn’t adequate to beat the Sixers. With this win, Philadelphia has managed to move another step nearer to doing a sweep and getting some additional rest. On the night of Monday, these 2 teams are set to meet again. The match is going to take place at 7 pm ET. 

In the 1st 2 games of the series, Washington doubled Embiid aggressively. Embiid has an average of 26 points. These points come over 60% of his shooting in the 1st two wins of the Sixers. The doubles made the team’s life much easier. Scott Brooks seemed to try out a very different approach going into the 3rd game. Embiid was left alone and that made it easier for him to go out and get 36 points inside three quarters. Philadelphia shot a total of 17 out of 33 on just 3 pointers!

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