Japan Makes Military Changes That Points To A huge milestone


Kishida Fumio, Japan’s Prime Minister, made a historic announcement on Friday. He stated that the nation will be making a double investment toward military power. This can be seen as a huge change and a way to adapt to the present circumstance. 

Kishida has shared several government documents which showed Japan’s plans of doubling its defense expenses over the next 5 years. They intend to invest in their counter-striking power with long-range missiles. Their budget makes the nation the 3rd biggest defense budget in the world following China and US. 

Increased Defence Budget Of Japan 

This defense budget announcement by the Prime Minister of Japan is certainly a milestone. Abe Shinzo, ex-Prime Minister, had started this process to invest in warplanes, and aircraft carriers, and boost their defense expenditure. Although he faced criticism since people wanted money for domestic issues rather than defense. 

With the changing dynamics and foreign threats, this proposal has finally been approved and come to life. The rapid defense modernization of China, advanced nuclear projects by North Korea, and Ukraine’s invasion by Russia have pushed Japan to take examples and make steadfast decisions against military attacks. 

Foreign Threats Push Japan To Take Measures 

Fumio further added that the Ukrainian situation has scared him and his administration is making the required changes to protect their nation from foreign attacks. The people favored this decision by 51%. Japan is going to welcome a new era that will aim at better military strength. 

The country also faces stringent conflict with Russia over disputed territories that have quickly accelerated. Despite the announcement, it remains unclear how the nation will fund its military spending. With the US and European military boost, there is an atmosphere of fear all over Asia and most nations are building up their defense strategies and awareness.