Chris Davis To Receive Full Salary Despite Retiring From MLB

Chris Davis
Chris Davis

Chris Davis, the first baseman from the Baltimore Orioles has decided to call it a day and end his professional career. Standing at 35 years of age, Chris Davis issued a statement on Thursday which stated the news of him making an exit from the sport after playing 13 long seasons.

In his retiring statement, Chris Davis stated that an injury to his hip has been one of the reasons that played a role in his decision of announcing a retirement. He expressed his gratitude and thanks to the fans for their immense support and for creating the memories that he would cherish forever.

According to the statements of Dan Connolly from The Athletic, the injury to Chris Davis’ hip was serious than comprehended earlier. The athlete still has a year left in his contract with the club, which was originally for seven years and stood at $161 million. Davis would, however, not be forfeiting the salary that remains. Instead, he engaged in a negotiation with his team which would eventually defer the remaining money in a number of subsequent years to come.

The retirement of Chris Davis opens up an extra spot in the team roster for the upcoming season, and would also allow the Orioles to cut down on a significant sum of money in 2022 from the payroll.

The Performances Of Chris Davis So Far

Chris Davis had an impressive run over the years and was a huge success story. He lit a fire on the pitch during the league where he played as a rookie. He managed to club home runs as many as 17, in a mere 317 appearances on behalf of Texas Rangers. After he moved over to Baltimore on a midseason, he had the most successful time of his career and managed to score 33 home runs. Davis would have a significantly lesser salary in the 2022 season.