“Woman In The Window” Review Is Out!

Woman in the window
Woman in the window

The movie, “Woman in the Window” and the film’s script is based on the best-seller novel written by A.J. Finn. It is the recent adaptation which is a thriller with a lead female star in it. The intriguingly vague title of the movie remained intact as it featured on the screen. The movie, “Gone Girl” had a mini-craze element in it, which started promisingly. The adaptation which was directed by David Fincher is a dark and mysterious inquiry into the institution of marriage. However, there were a lot of knockoffs that followed. 

Just like the adaptation made by Tate Taylor, the movie, “Woman in the Window” by Joe Wright falls in the same category of books that were made for movies. These kinds of books trade mostly on traditions and cinematic tropes. It was like the novel written by Finn. The real name of Finn is Dan Mallory. The blend of psychodrama and voyeurism can be found on every page of the book. It can be found both in film and in books. There were allusions regarding Hitchcock, mainly to the “Dark Passage”. The thriller relating to Humphrey Bogart. The movie, “Woman in the Window” is similar to the movie “Laura”. 

“Woman in the Window” Is Coming On Netflix On Friday!

The elements of thriller and suspense attracted many talents to the movie, “Woman in the Window ”. The movie debuts on Friday on Netflix. The movie stars Brian Henry, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and also tries to include Anthony Mackie in the movie. Tracy Letts, a famous playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize and also an actor, wrote the script. Scott Rudin produced the film. “Woman in the Window” is the first movie released by him since he was accused of abusive behavior and bullying. After that, he stopped making movies for a while.