Stowaway: The Latest Netflix Science Fiction Thriller


The craze for movies belonging to the genre of sci-fi has intensified since the famous “Gravity.” This is the movie where Sandra Bullock, the Hollywood actor, made her return to Earth from the chaos of mid-orbit. That is the kind of film that belongs to a subgenre. And that is a thriller that involves the problem-solving mechanisms of professionals dealing with highly tensed situations. The show, Stowaway, is one of those. Others include The Martian, The Midnight Sky, Annihilation, and Passengers.

The show airs on the popular streaming channel, Netflix. It has been written by Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison, the director of the science fiction thriller is Joe Penna. The show stars Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, and Shamier Anderson. 

Stowaway Comes With A Serious Crisis

In the first scene of Stowaway, viewers will see a total of three astronauts on their way to a Mars mission for a two-year term. The astronauts are Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim, and Anna Kendrick. They are welcomed by an unwelcome surprise on their way. That is a stowaway. He is an engineer named Shamier Anderson. He had been injured when he was preparing for a launch. Then the show proceeds with the scene of an accident that takes place. That leads to the destruction of the device that is responsible for air infiltration. And this can only mean one thing, the most obvious space crisis, oxygen supply.

The writers of the movie take the views into the realm of “hard sci-fi.” The crew is forced to calculate the logistics of the depressing dilemma and time is certainly not on their side. The solutions that are calculated are extremely scarce. 

The question that lies ahead in “Stowaway” is if the biologist of Kim can find a solution to generating oxygen from his algae, or if the commander of Collette can do something with the help of the support in finding a solution, or if the medical researcher of Kendrick has a convincing theory. 

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