iCarly Reveals Its Premiere Date In June!


Paramount+ has shared one set video of the upcoming reboot of iCarly on social sites. The post also features 17th June as its premiere date. One video revealing many scenes of shooting of the next reboot of iCarly has June as its premiere date. The show, iCarly used to take place in Nickelodeon which was very popular among the teens, tweens, and young kids of the early 2010s. 

Jennette McCurdy Won’t Be Returning In iCarly Reboot!

This series created a whole generation of fans and has become recently popular because of its reruns and streaming on Netflix. The childhood show, which was famous among fans, was rewatched again and again on Netflix. Now Paramount + has decided to release its revival series of iCarly. The series will primarily follow the lives of the original cast as they take their steps into adulthood. Most of the original actors of the show will be the same including Spencer (Jerry Trainor), Freddie (Nathan Kress), Carly (Miranda Cosgrove).

Sam, a friend of Curly, who was played by Jennette McCurdy will not return for this new series. The actress recently expressed her wish of not returning to the series as she is embarrassed about the roles she has played in the past. Regardless, with most of the original cast not returning, the series, iCarly has still managed to ignite excitement in people’s hearts across the globe. 

There was also one video posted by Paramount+ which featured Trainor, Kress along with 2 cast members wishing Cosgrove on his birthday. The video shows Cosgrove cutting a cake which has the message of the premiere date of June 17th for the series. It is still unclear whether the show will address whether Freddie and Carly got together again after the ending of the show.