WWE Special Tribute Gets TRP Soaring


WWE has been one of the most famous shows of all time. It is a big name in the entertainment industry. The organization has gone through a lot of ups and downs recently. Controversies have surrounded the release of some of their superstars. However, all those factors do not seem to have affected their craze. The organization aired a special episode on Sunday. The episode was called “Tribute To The Troops”. This was viewed all over the United States Of America.

WWE’s latest episode initially seems to be a big hit. It has reportedly grossed over RAW in terms of viewership. World Wrestling Entertainment has always been keen on its viewership. It is a good sign that now they have only themselves as the competition. The episode stretched just over an hour and had a .51 key demo. This rating means that almost 663,000 individuals have viewed the show. Let us learn more about the episode in detail below. 

WWE Happy With Viewership

Vince McMahon seems to be having a broad smile on his face. As per the initial viewership stats, his special episode has been a massive hit. So much so, it has crossed even their show, WWE RAW. However, there are a few things to note about the ratings. The episode was aired for free. Thus, questions will arise about the dedication of the viewers. The last week’s RAW averaged .42 in the key demo. 

Tribute To The Troops was broadcast at 5 pm. Almost every market in America showed the segment. Fox continued with the Lions v Steelers game as it went into extra time. They also showed Chargers v Vikings in a large area of Los Angeles & New York markets. All these factors could make an impact on the final ratings. As of now, the show would have to be considered a hit.