No Way Home Drops Its Second Trailer

No Way Home
No Way Home

No Way Home has dropped its second trailer. The initial trailer had set the excitement levels quite high. It had a plethora of revelations into what we can expect. The first trailer gave us a peek at the returning bad boys of the spider-man franchise. This teased the possible return of Toby McGuire & Andrew Garfield’s spiderman. A lot of fan theory has surfaced regarding the actual plot of the film. Expectations were sky high with the second trailer. Everybody thought the trailer would reveal the previous spidermen. However, much to everybody’s disappointment, no such major revelation has been shown. 

The second trailer focuses more on the build-up of the returning villains. It puts more emphasis on giving the villains a significant amount of screen time. The villains have been confirmed. The Lizard has also been confirmed by Marvel in the trailer. The previous trailer showed only a glimpse of Lizard. Let us know more about the trailer for No Way Home in detail below. 

No Way Home Trailer A Disappointment? 

Fans from every part of the world were hoping to see Andrew Garfield & Toby McGuire. However, Marvel had other plans. The follow-up trailer to No Way Home completely ditched the expectations of the fans. Instead, they fully revealed the villains of the movie. Dr.Octopus, Lizard, Electro, Sandman & Green Goblin. 

The movie will be based on a multiversal adventure theme. We see that a spell went wrong by Dr.Strange in the previous trailer. The events of this movie can be directly related to the “Multiverse Of Madness”. The trailer has been released worldwide in English & Hindi. The movie will be released in four different languages in India. No Way Home is scheduled for a theatrical release on 17th December.