Xbox Series X won’t beat PS5 — but Xbox Game Pass could

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Xbox Games Showcase is here, and it is showing several new and upgraded games like Halo Infinite. Also, they are displaying the Xbox Series X titles, with games like Fable 4, and Forza Motorsport. Although the Sony PS5 is much better in terms of the games released along with it, the Xbox Game Pass definitely establishes itself as having the best gaming value.

All the games that were displayed at the Showcase would be available on Xbox Game Pass as soon as they are launched. And this means that instead of paying $60 per game, you will be able to subscribe to it for $5-$15. With a couple of very expensive gaming consoles coming to the market and most games getting priced a bit more, you can be assured that this approach of Microsoft to adapt itself to Netflix is quite consumer friendly.

The research director for Microsoft, Lewis Ward is of the opinion that the development of the Xbox Game Pass is going to make the prices of normal games quite inconsequential. In fact, that readily helps this giant company build an entire ecosystem that comprises of Xbox Game Passes- without just factoring in consoles and individual games.