Cowboys Obliterate Washington Football Team


The Dallas Cowboys destroyed Washington FT with a 56-14 win. The Cowboys dominated Washington to move up 11-4. The Dallas Cowboys won the NFC East. They kept the fire burning and incinerated their division rival, on Sunday. Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys head coach, kept reminding his team of the greater goals. Their main goal is to play as a Super Bowl contender. Obtaining the position of NFC’s top seed would aid their Super Bowl dream.

Cowboys’ Secret To Win

The rematch between division rivals was murder. Washington’s dreams to stand in the playoffs were brutally murdered and buried by the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys’ Prescott blazed the stadium with 320 yards of passing, no interceptions, 4 touchdowns, twenty-one rushing yards, and an astounding 142.6 pr. 

In the absence of Cowboys’ star Tyron Smith, Terence Steele aided Prescott as his left tackle. DeMarcus Lawrence’s three sacks, one defensive touchdown, and two interceptions ended the first two quarters with 42-7. The pace of the match did not change as the Dallas Cowboys kept scoring.

The Washington Football Team tried to put up a fight but in vain. The Cowboys dropped their defense for a while and their attack team boosted up. After many tries, Washington’s RB Corey Clement broke through the protection to take the punt away from the Cowboys. This was Dallas’ 3rd blocked punt for this season. Newbie DL Chauncey Golston grabbed the punt and scored the second touchdown. 

The Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Football Team was the most all-around game yet. The Dallas Cowboys were struggling with their offense a couple of months back. They returned from the dead and buried Washington FT in the ground.

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