Zach Lowe And Highlights Of The New Week

Zach Lowe

Zach Lowe highlights ten things this week and that includes Karl-Anthony Towns with the floundering Minnesota Timberwolves and news about Dean Wade. There is also the Bane Train and Brooklyn’s new confidence king.

Ever since the Cavaliers scooped up Dean Wade on a 2-way contract, he has been a picture of reliability and stability. Nothing super high about him but he is the man to have around if you need good things to happen on the court. He can walk into any lineup with his consistency.

Zach Lowe Points out that Wade has scored 38% of all his career threes. That includes the scorching eighteen of thirty-six this current season. He is fast off the ball plus he is a quick passer. He is also a reliable defender capable of jostling with power forwards while also being efficient against apex wings.

Despite successive losses, Cleveland remains in the third position in the number of points allowed for each possession.

The Timberwolves stand at 5-7 with a so-so schedule. Players continue to take potshots at one another. They continue to struggle to execute fresh schemes on both ends following a reorientation of their roster.

Lowe Says The Celtics Are Rebounding

The Celtics stand at 21st in the number of points that are allowed for each possession. But Lowe says that there is little cause for alarm. They are missing Robert Williams III from the previous season. Minus him, Boston has erred uncharacteristically, though they still have the fundamentals in place along with the natural talent. They know their place.

Lowe picks Ja Morant and Bane as the best backcourt in the NBA after the initial dozen games. While Bane has an average of 24.7 points, five rebounds plus 4.7 assists on an average.

Lowe considers him a potential giant poised for a leap. Bane, on the other hand, is running sixteen picks and rolls for every 100 possession against 12 in the last season and 5 as a rookie.

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