1 officer killed in Louisiana shooting 2nd officer hospitalized


Police officials continue investigation after several shots were fired around 4 p.m on Sunday at Winbourne Avenue, Louisiana. 

Two police officers were reportedly hit. 

The Louisiana shooting lasted for hours and claimed one officer’s life and left the other deeply injured.

Police Chief On The Louisiana Shooting

The police are still investigating the identity of the shooter. As additional information, Baton Rouge Chief, Murphy Paul said that a suspect has been taken into custody after the shooting. The suspect’s name is Ronnie Kato, 36 years of age. He reportedly barricaded himself inside a house following the incident. 

Kato’s possible charges are yet unknown. 

The Louisiana shooting reportedly began after the SWAT team responded to bullets shot at them near a north residential district in Louisiana. The two injured police officers were present at the site since the beginning. 

21 Year Old Law Enforcement Officer Loses His Life During Louisiana Shooting

Chief Paul claimed at a Sunday news conference that he received a call “that no chief wants to get.” 

At the standoff was slain a 21-year-old law enforcement officer. His wounded colleague was a member of the police force for 7 long years. 

Much detail has not yet been released regarding the shooting or what led up to the incident. Bystanders at the site recorded the damage caused by the shooting. They were seen wearing their masks and protective gear in the video footage amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

The wounded police officer has reportedly been admitted at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Centre. A group of law enforcement officers held a vigil in memory of the slain officer outside the hospital premises.  

Days grow grimmer with the news of Louisiana shooting as the country continues to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.