1 person stabbed as thousands protest in Portland; authorities earlier used tear gas on the crowd

Amid the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement protests in Portland, one individual got stabbed in the early morning hours of Saturday.

On Friday, at around 11 PM, the federal agents released tear gas accompanied by flashbangs upon the protestors who were trying to topple over a metal fence put up to separate the protestors form the justice center.

The protestors, in hundreds, were armed with gas masks, shields, power tools, fireworks and stayed beside the fence even during the attacks attempting  to tear the fence when they were unable to push it over

These protests have been going on for several months since George Floyd was murdered and now includes a diverse group of protestors.

The stabbing was reported at around 2:30 AM at Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street. The victim was instantaneously provided with first aid by the point medics and then rushed to a medical facility.

The PBB stated, “One suspect was taken into custody, and the investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

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