Brittany Commisso Has Come Out As ‘Executive Assistant 1’

Brittany Commisso
Brittany Commisso

In the allegations of sexual harassment against Andrew Cuomo, one of the victims has come forward and identified herself as Brittany Commisso. She was previously referred to as ‘Executive Assistant 1’ and has come out with her claims of sexual harassment by the disgraced Democratic governor.

She is one of 11 women who have put up claims of sexual abuse- which were substantiated by a 3rd August report by the AG of the state. In light of her identity, she made her first public comments in her interview with CBS This Morning and the Albany Times Union. 

Brittany Commisso Identifies Herself Against Andrew Cuomo

In her interview, Brittany Commisso stated that it was the correct thing to do- as the governor needs to be held accountable for his action. This was her response when the interviewer asked her reason for filing a criminal complaint against Cuomo at the Sheriff’s office in Albany. She further stated that what the governor did was an absolute crime and he should be punished for it. It wouldn’t matter if he was a Governor or not- what he did was despicable. 

According to the report of the state, Brittany Commisso told the investigators that the Governor had grabbed her buttocks during a photo-op as well as hugs. The report also highlights another allegation previously reported by the Times Union of Albany where the governor had reached under her clothes and grabbed her breasts.

She stated that it began with hugs and kisses on the cheek- which later turned into him turning his head and kissing her on the lips. When asked what she said while it was happening, Brittany stated that she couldn’t really say anything- considering it was the governor of the State of New York. 

The attorneys who have been representing Cuomo throughout the case have declined to comment on this interview- with the governor outright denying the allegations of Brittany Commisso.