Stimulus Check 2023: 10 States Sending Stimulus Check

recession Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

While many Americans may anticipate receiving another federal stimulus check in 2022, the likelihood of this happening is dim—at least not right away. Since the last payment under this type of stimulus plan was sent out in March 2021, more than a year has passed since Americans enjoyed a financial lift. 

10 States Are Giving Out Stimulus Checks

Here are the contributions that each state is making or has suggested making this year to help put cash into people’s pockets.

  1. Governor of California Gavin Newsom has suggested distributing drivers in California prepaid cards worth $400.
  2. Illinois

Democratic state legislators have suggested stimulus checks of $100 for each adult. And $50 for each child.

  1. Idaho 

Residents get a refund check based on their 2020 taxes will also be given to Idaho residents, providing them with a financial boost.

  1. Maine

Beginning in June, eligible Maine residents will receive relief checks with a maximum value of $850.

  1. New Mexico 

New Mexico residents could get a one-time tax rebate of up to $500.

  1. Indiana 

Indiana residents will be given a stimulus payment.  It could be up to $125 for single adults and $250 for couples.

  1. Georgia 

Georgia will soon offer up to $500 in one-time tax refunds to eligible residents.

  1. New Jersey, 

Numerous low-income New Jersey taxpayers could soon receive $500 stimulus checks.

  1. Virginia 

The planned stimulus checks will be given out in the form of a tax refund later this year. There are reportedly worth $300 for single people. And $600 for married couples.

  1. New York

In addition, New York provides eligible low- to middle-income households with an estate tax relief benefit that is calculated on a percentage basis. On average, this benefit will be worth $970.