Trump Campaign Revealed To Have Conspired With Fake Electors In Georgia

Trump Campaign
Donald Trump

Incidentally, a Trump campaign went on to direct a group of Republicans from Georgia to meet up in secret and also obscure their objectives. This was mentioned in an email which was then obtained by federal prosecutors to be served as a part of their recent investigation into the efforts made by Donald Trump in overturning the election in quite a few swing states. The email has been a major part of the intensifying investigation conducted by the Justice Department which was focused on the interactions of the campaign with most of the so-called alternate Republican electors in the states where Trump lost. 

Trump Campaign Accused Of Undermining Election Results

The email addressed to the Republicans in Georgia has not yet been disclosed publicly. Rather, it was sent by Robert Sinners, one of the election day operators of the Trump Campaign in Georgia on December 13, 2020- around 18 hours before the massive group of alternate electors went on to gather before the Georgia State Capitol- as mentioned by multiple sources familiar with it. Sinners went on to write that one needed to ask for one’s complete discretion in this process. After, it was the imperative duty of the Republicans to end the result in a win for President Trump in the state of Georgia.

Quite a few sources have confirmed that the Fulton County, the office of the district attorney of Georgia, which has brought out its own grand jury to investigate the attempts of Donald Trump to overturn the result of the elections through the Trump campaign have already received copies of the email- along with the US House select committee on January 6.

The email definitely underscores the role of the Trump campaign in creating false documents of the election which would be a way of supplanting the victory of Joe Biden in Georgia.