$10M In Stimulus Checks For Residents Of Utah: Part Of Rental Assistance Funds

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The first wave of the pandemic sent Americans scurrying to protect themselves and most businesses had to shut down or go for massive layoffs to survive. It led to a spike in unemployment figures and caused a spike in income losses for many Americans in 2020. The 3 rounds of stimulus checks helped citizens recover to some extent.

While there has been a semblance of recovery in the economy after the lows of the past two years, many people continue to suffer.

Many people risked being homeless for the first time in their lives as they defaulted on their home rents in the first months of the pandemic. But measures put in place prevented that from occurring.

Protection was put in place in the form of options to home loan borrowers to place their loans in forbearance. A federal ban on eviction was also enforced, preventing landlords from evicting tenants for not paying their rent.

But the federal ban expired last summer, placing the tenants at renewed risk. The stimulus checks have also dried up. But there was still hope as the latest two packages include $45B in funds for rental assistance. This was provided to allow the tenants to continue with the repayment program.

Salt Lake County Tenants To Receive A Stimulus Check To Help Pay Rent

The steps received the funds individually. The States were tasked with setting up assistance programs and distributing the funds based on the incoming applications from renters.

Several states were more proactive in the distribution of federal funds. Utah’s Salt Lake County was active in this regard. This county is receiving another amount to help tenants avoid eviction.

Salt Lake County will receive an extra $10M as stimulus check support for rental support programs. Along with the money it is receiving from the federal administration, this county is also starting a fresh program with two non-profits that are at the forefront in helping struggling tenants.

Residents of the county can visit the Utah Rent Relief website to get their stimulus check. The resident must have an income that is 80% or less than pre-pandemic income to qualify for the aid.