Chingari Leads India’s Web3 Revolution With $Gari Social Token


Chingari, the popular Indian short-video app with a user base of 100M, is encouraging creators to monetize their content through deploying the intelligence of Web 3.0.

Chingari is using their $GARI token to gain more direct interaction with creators. This is even as larger social media companies try to figure out ways to covert their ecosystem and platform to a decentralized blockchain-based, business model.

The native digital assets of the $GARI and the accompanying cryptocurrency will be integrated through the Solano blockchain. The Chingari user interface translates into ‘Spark’ in native languages most used by its user base, Hindi and Urdu. It is a branding that is visibly constant with the flame icon of the platform and its name.

Chingari Garnered A Massive User Base Within A Couple Of Years

The user interface of Chingari often draws matches to popular international appeal entertainment services such as YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Its main focus is on readily accessible and short-duration video content.

Chingari was launched in the year 2018 and has since grown exponentially within a short span. It has amassed more than 35M active users and is the most widespread mobile app in India on the Play Store.

The entertainment is on the lines of TikTok, with creators gaining popularity for their entertaining capabilities on themes such as belly-dancing, lip-syncing, fashion tips, and comedy sketches.

Chingari has raised capital since April 2021 and among its multiple sources are the $13M corporate round, Series A round of $19M on October 8, led by Republic Crypto and Galaxy Digital. There is also a $40M initial coin offer on November 4, and finally, on January 17, 2022, a $13.37M Series A continuation.

Chingari’s spokesperson talked about the ways that the $GARI token is expected to enhance the user experience. He noted that $GARI was a Solana Program Library asset and would be used to connect plus transact with counterparts, catalyze engagement on the platform, keep governance votes plus encourage growth in the user base.

The $GARI has attained trading status on prominent exchanges and has fluctuated in the zone of $0.252 and $ 0.685.