Stimulus Check: 12 States Have Proposed To Give Out Rebates To Aid Residents

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

Governors are exploring stimulus checks to help relieve the pain people are feeling at the petrol pump and grocery store.

California, Kansas, and Minnesota are among the states that have suggested handing taxpayers refund stimulus checks worth several hundred dollars. As part of the state’s budget package, the Democratic governor wants to give out $850 to individuals.

The suggestions come at a time when many states have too much money on their hands as a result of billions in federal epidemic funding and rising tax revenues. It’s also happening as the situation in Ukraine has exacerbated already-high petrol and other necessary prices.

Stimulus Checks Will Help Offset The Inflation

Given how much consumer costs have climbed in New Mexico, some have questioned whether Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s plan for a $250 refund goes far enough.

State-by-state relief strategies differ. Governor Tim Walz (Dem), from Minnesota, recently unveiled a budget for using the state’s surplus, which includes a $1,000 income tax refund check for married couples. In California, Democratic lawmakers have proposed sending refunds ranging from $200 to $400 to each taxpayer, while Gov. Gavin Newsom has indicated he wants to give gasoline debit cards worth up to $800 to help citizens who are paying the nation’s highest gas costs.

Other Democratic governors have offered other ways. Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania is proposing a one-time property tax break for low-income homeowners and renters. Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois has suggested delaying a 2.2-cent rise in the motor fuel tax, postponing a 1% grocery sales tax for a year, and offering a $300 property tax relief.

New Jersey took the lead right away. Last year, when Governor Phil Murphy and the Dem-led Party were up for re-election, they kept aside stimulus checks worth $500 for approximately 1 million households.

In other states, relief proposals haven’t gone as easily.