D’Andre Swift Dominates Even As Philadelphia Eagles Use Ground Game To Decimate Sloppy Minnesota Vikings

D'Andre Swift

The Eagles relied on their Swift running game to return with a reassuring 34-28 win in their opening home game. The Eagles had their aerial game stifled for most of the game but sealed it as D’Andre Swift scored on a 2-yard run for the final score for Philly.

But D’Andre Swift and the Eagles almost did not make it as they slipped badly in the final minutes. The Eagles were helped along by 4 Minnesota Vikings turnovers. On the way to a commanding 34-21 lead, Jalen Hurts recorded twice on a patented play from the one-yard line. He also lined up with DeVonta Smith in the 3rd quarter with a 63-yard pass that resulted in a touchdown and pulled the game beyond the reach of the Vikings.

The Eagles sealed it as D’Andre Swift scored off a 2-yard run for the final winning score for the Eagles. The Birds finally ended with 259 rushing yards. The Eagles were in for some booing from their home fans as a string of offensive plays got them nowhere. And there is a reason for that. They have been feisty and sloppy. And their highlight-reel plays are nowhere at last season’s pace.

D’Andre Swift 2-Yard Run Helped The Eagles To A Commendable Lead

D’Andre Swift scored over a two-yard run to help the Eagles to a 34-21 lead with 4:13 left. The Vikings did not have the time left to score twice. Nick Sirianni, the Eagles coach, said that D’Andre Swift showed both vision and explosiveness.

The most deflating instance for the Vikings came when Justin Jefferson fumbled over a 30-yard catch at the end zone and beyond reach for a touchdown. Minnesota was then down 10-7 in the 2nd quarter. In the end, the Eagles were sluggish for the 2nd straight week. Maybe it was the lack of adjustment with their new offensive coordinator, or it could be that the bulk of the starters including Hurts, were out. But finally, they lacked the big-game spark that made them the most sought-after offense last year.

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