$1200 Stimulus Check Used To Buy Fentanyl: Causes Baby To OD

stimulus check

Mother bought drugs using federal Stimulus Checks. Jaxson Vogt, 2, passed away in March 2021 with more than 10 times the fatal amount of fentanyl in his system, according to the prosecution’s testimony in court.

The kid’s mother, 35-year-old Lauren Baker, is accused of killing the boy and bringing fentanyl into the country as well as trafficking in illegal drugs. According to the prosecution, Jaxson died after taking fentanyl that he discovered in his mother’s handbag.

Wednesday marked the start of Baker’s trial before Kenton County Circuit Judge Kate Molloy. It’s anticipated to go on throughout the next week.

The Mother Bought Drugs Using The Stimulus Checks

According to a police complaint, Baker used money from her government stimulus check on March 13, 2021, to travel to Cincinnati and purchase fentanyl. She used $1200 from the Stimulus Checks. Prosecutors claim that she later left Northern Kentucky with $1,200 worth of fentanyl and delivered amounts of the narcotic to two other individuals, one of whom was the father of the kid.

Baker confessed that five days later, she “took a shot” of fentanyl before napping with Jaxson at their house on Stokesay Avenue in Ludlow, Kentucky, according to the report. When she awoke, the contents of her handbag, including the medications, were spilled across the floor, while Jaxson lay still on the bed.

The youngster was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and ultimately pronounced dead.

Prosecutors claimed Baker was aware fentanyl is lethal, yet she brought it into her house nevertheless, knowing Jaxson could get into her paraphernalia. According to authorities, the youngster got his hands on a charred spoon Baker used to prepare fentanyl just a year before.

According to John Beaulieu, Baker’s public defender, she took significant care to keep narcotics out of the reach of her children and had a system for keeping her fentanyl.

According to Beaulieu, Baker immediately gave Narcan and started performing CPR until emergency personnel came after finding that Jaxson was not breathing. He claimed that when police arrived at the house, Baker was distraught and inconsolable.

Baker was receiving care at a methadone clinic when Jaxson passed away because she had an opioid use issue, he continued.