Thousands in Russia border city protest arrest of governor in challenge to Putin

Khabarovsk saw the gathering and protests of ten thousand people. This Russian city witnessed the mass protest where people went to the China border to raise their voice against the regional Governor’s arrest on the charges of murder. This continued for two long weeks.

On 9th July Sergei Furgal was arrested and since then he had been in the Moscow jail. The supporters of the governor had stated all his charges to be unsubstantial. The common people are extremely offended by his arrest.

The common people had expressed their anger and discontentment throughout the two weeks with the protests reaching its peak on weekends. They also showed their discontent against the rule of Putin. Even the official warning against the coronavirus outbreak could not contain the gathered protests of the people.

These common people are of a different opinion while the authorities share a different opinion. They believe that Furgal is not only suspected of a single murder but also had been involved in several murders.

“We had enough,” said protester Anastasia Schegorina. “We elected the governor and we want to be heard and decide ourselves what to do with him. Bring him here, and a fair and open trial will decide whether to convict him or not.”

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