16 people killed in Canada’s deadliest mass shooting

Disturbing news comes from Canada’s Nova Scotia as 16 people get killed by a gunman in the country’s deadliest mass shooting. 

The shooter has been identified to be a 51-year-old local man named Gabriel Wortman. Authorities report that Wortman had disguised himself as a police officer and shot at people sitting inside their homes. The shooter too is suspected to be dead. 

Bodies of the victims were found around one home in Portapique. 

A 23-year-old police officer is one among the 16 dead. Another officer received non-life-threatening injuries and is being treated at a hospital. 

“Heidi answered the call of duty and lost her life while protecting those she served”, said Lee Bergman, commanding Officer Assistant Commissioner. 

Stephen McNeil, Nova Scotia’s Premier urged residents to speak out and reach out to the provincial crisis call if they felt unwell. He also mentioned that the service was available 24/7. 

“What happened here in our province is not who we are. It may change us a little, but it can not define us. We are strong, we are community-minded, and we take care of each other.  So let’s do that now, let’s do that together.”, Stephen said on Sunday.