World Cup Break: How Big Clubs Like Arsenal And Bayern Munich Are Planning It

World Cup
World Cup

Whilst entire planet will be witnessing the drama unfold over the coming 5 weeks even as 2022 World Cup of football gets underway on Sunday with Qatar as hosts taking on Ecuador, the top European teams will be working diligently to be ready for the 2nd part of the home season in 2022-23.

The national teams of each and every major club would be represented by a number of their players, but for those who will be left back, a regular routine of practice, tactical study, and midsummer friendlies waits.

The ESPN reporters James Olley, Mark Ogden, Julien Laurens, Rob Dawson, Constantin Eckner, Alex Kirkland, and Sam Marsden, walk you throughout the strategies of the best teams once the necessary foundation has been set up and the games scheduled. What tasks should they complete during the break? Which athletes are still showing up for work when others who are important are away at the World Cup?

How The Clubs Like Arsenal And Bayern Munich Are Planning The National Break For The World Cup:

Those who are not participating in Qatar will have a respite before traveling to Dubai for a spring training inside the warm climate. Arsenal is anticipated to announce friendly against AC Milan and Lyon on December 8 and December 13, respectively. First before team returns to Prem League competition on December 26 versus West Ham, a 3rd game will be held there a few days after against an undetermined opponent.

Seventeen of the 1st team’s twenty-three players will be present overall in the WC. Before returning to the practice field, where coach Nagelsmann will still have prepared individualized drills for everyone, the tiny group remaining in Munich has been given a week free.