$2,000 Stimulus Check Enroute To The People In This State

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Pennsylvania, where Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed direct stimulus check payments of up to $2,000 for state residents with an income of $80,000 or less.

“The cost of everything from gas to groceries is rising, and for Pennsylvanians living paycheck to paycheck that can mean painful decisions,” Gov. Wolf said, according to a news release from his office. 

“Pennsylvanians deserve to be supported and the opportunity to thrive. Yet my Republican colleagues are sitting on more than $2 billion of support that will need to be returned to the federal government if they don’t pass a plan.

This has come about because the state is apparently sitting on more than $2 billion in federal American Rescue Plan dollars. Money that remains uncommitted for now. Gov. Wolf’s proposal taps $500 million of that stimulus check funding to send out the free money to state residents.

It’s part of an overall $1.7 billion proposal from the governor that includes $225 million in support for small businesses. Plus $204 million for direct property tax relief, $325 million for Pennsylvania’s healthcare system, and $450 million to invest in the conservation, preservation, and revitalization of Pennsylvania communities.

Stimulus Check Update For The Other States

This comes as other states around the US are weighing a similar stimulus check-related calculus. In California, gas prices are especially soaring right now. So, no surprise, it’s considering handing out free money in the form of gas rebates for residents.

More than a handful of states are also experimenting with basic income experiments. Which are stimulus checks of a different sort, in that it’s basically free money given over an extended period of time.

In Georgia, for example, officials decided to provide 650 women an average of $850/month over two years. It’s reportedly “the largest guaranteed income project in the South to date.”

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