Religious Beliefs Triggered Olivia Plath

olivia plath

Recently Duggar Family Secrets released its premiere. How the family institutionalized their family members into something cult. Olivia Plath could relate to the majority of them. She has been through the same trauma as them. Thus it was indeed a very triggering experience for her to witness them. It was reliving the past for them. She and her sister were also labeled as the cult kids back in the day. People made fun of them and cornered them. She was a major part of the same cult a few years ago. She is on the path of healing. And healing is not linear.

Olivia Plath Felt, It Was a Threatening Experience For Her

Being a part of the cult family. She wasn’t allowed to speak her mind. There are things happening with her she couldn’t fathom. And till today she isn’t allowed to talk about them publicly. Olivia Plath wants to speak about a lot of things related to religion and about her past. However, she isn’t allowed to do so. If she speaks she would risk her life. This is a matter of life and death. Her experience was ‘decently negative ‘. 

The world she was a part of, was not comfortable or friendly at all. She took to Instagram to voice her opinion and experiences. Olivia Plath was married into the organization. She was married to Ethan Plath. He is the son of Barry and Kim Plath. The two main people who were responsible for all the things.

There was a time she was scared for her life. And now she laughs at those experiences. But there were no other options available to her apart from nodding along. Their place of living affected the whole scenario in major ways. They used to live in rural Georgia. Now Olivia Plath and her husband live in Minneapolis. Away from all the people.