2023 Stimulus Check Update For California’s El Monte Residents

stimulus check

The city of El Monte in California has announced a direct stimulus check for eligible residents. This stimulus check is worth $ 500 and will be paid out on a monthly basis. This stimulus financial assistance is being provided by a welfare program of guaranteed income.

The state of California is also sending stimulus payments to eligible residents of Los Angeles County per month under a welfare program known as Breathe. The stimulus check payments for El Monte will be dispersed from June 30 until May 31 of 2024, providing each eligible recipient with twelve stimulus payments.

This program primarily focuses on the welfare of mothers who were negatively affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. It also aims to tackle the financial stress on the residents with the ongoing inflation that has resulted in elevated prices of essential commodities and housing. Like California, other states such as Maine, Georgia, New Mexico, New York, and many other US states are providing stimulus monetary assistance to their respective residents. 

El Monte Stimulus Check Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the eligibility criteria for the El Monte stimulus check, the claimant must hold residence in El Monte. As previously mentioned this stimulus check is projected for mothers who have children below the age of 17 and are the head of the household without a partner, applicants of such manner qualify the criteria.

Another vital requirement from the claimants is that they must have an income that is either at or below the line of poverty in accordance with the federal government. The claimant must provide the necessary documents and information showing that she was negatively affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, address proof, identity card as issued by the government along with income proof.