Congress Denied George Santos’s Membership At The House

george santos

One thing cooled down with George Santos’s name on it, another pops up. And he is struck in a loop of all kinds of wrongdoings. Many questioned his position in the rouse of the committee and others fought for him, however, he seems to prove everyone wrong. And the whole committee is turning against him, Kevin McCarthy has been having thoughts about keeping Santos in the loop, well he has every reason now to terminate. Ethics are working to prove him guilty and if it does he will no longer be in the house.

George Santos’s Twisted Words Isn’t Playing Safe Anymore

George Santos is going to face an investigation soon, as the veteran has pressed charges against him with fraud. And he is currently under investigation and Kevin McCarthy confirmed it. Which could lead to a forceful resignation. George Santos has previously made ugly comments to their party members and he is more than ready to answer his congressmen at the house. George Santos’s fate is yet to be decided and that call for voting, afterward, he will be removed if serious things surface. He is currently not allowed to be on the committee and is being scrutinized thoroughly.

George Santos voluntarily stepped down from the spots he was awarded previously by the committee.

Santos is quite the creative man, he has lied about his past rather than fabricated it. Later arranged to fundraise for a dying dog and later fled with the money, which the Veteran charged him with. Although he is not worried about anything per se.Even some New York officials are considering George Santos to back down, they had enough trouble with him along the way. He won’t be welcomed until he proves his honesty, and some GOP leaders do feel he needs to start from scratch without false information about him.