Stimulus Check Update- $400 Stimulus Payments Could Be Issued To Millions Of Citizens

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has already proposed an inflation stimulus check relief of around $18.1 billion to help Californians fight against inflation. Most of that relief money would be sent to car owners, with a sum of $400 attested to them. This venture, worth $11 billion, was announced in the early part of this year when Newsom had suggested that this would definitely help in offsetting the rising prices of gas. Interestingly, citizens of California who have more than a single car will be receiving a sum of $800 since the cap is for two cars. 

California To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

The stimulus check plan has also proposed the spending of $750 million to residents for three months of public transport without any fees. The Governor has also announced a sum of $439 million for a 12-month halt in the sales tax rate for diesel fuel. Other legislators have also offered their own plans that would include cash rebates. It seems that the Governor and the many legislative leaders of the state would have to reach a consensus. 

One of the major parts of this bill would be focusing on a rental assistance program. Close to $2.7 billion would be used to alleviate the suffering of low-income families with emergency rental assistance. These families had to ask for stimulus check help by the 31st of March. A sum of $1.4 billion should be sufficient to deal with past-utility dues. These payments are supposed to build on the utility relief of the previous year.

A sum of $933 million would be issued to create stimulus check payments of $1,500 to nurses and front-line health workers that had to face the pandemic headlong.

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