Stimulus Check Update- Two States Would Be Receiving Money The Next Month

recession Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A separate round of stimulus check payments will be headed to Americans in a couple of states.

The states have already approved additional relief amid major talks of another payment from the federal government. Most of the individuals in the states of New Mexico and Maine could easily see another payment as early as June as a result of the efforts made by the legislators in the states successfully- as they went on to pass more and more economic relief for the residents. The legislation would be following quite a similar move the previous week- where the Senate ended up approving a spending package that also included cash payments of around $5,500 for Alaskans. 

Maine and Alaska Will Be Issuing Stimulus Check Payments

With the rate of inflation being at a four-decade high, some of the governors of different states and other legislators have been pushing for new stimulus check payments or rebates in their bid to ease up the financial toll on most Americans. The states of California, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii have also put out their stimulus proposals under major consideration. 

In the state of Maine, around 858,000 people across the entire state will be receiving a stimulus check of $850 that would be used to alleviate the rising prices that have been brought forth by pandemic-driven inflation, according to the report pushed out by Governor Janet Mills’ website. In order to be eligible, individuals would have to file their income tax return earliest by the 31st of October as full-time Maine residents. 

Nevertheless, the residents of Maine will still be able to receive the stimulus check payments after June, although the first round of payments will be mailed as early as next month. Some citizens would also be eligible for up to an additional sum of $1,400 in tax relief under the Homestead Exemption Program.