Gabby Petitio Body Rumored To Be Found

Gabby Petitio
Gabby Petitio

Gabby Petitio went missing earlier. Both Petitio and his lover were well-known travelers. They were famously known as the Van Life Travellers. The duo packed their belongings and went out for exploration. They aimed at visiting the national forests in America’s south. 

Petitio had the plan of videotaping their journey and releasing it on social media as well. However, things didn’t go as planned. Brian Laundrie is the fiance of Petitio. She returned with the famous white-colored van in September. But there were no signs of Gabby. She refrained from commenting on any narratives about their experience. 

Brian also did not want to converse with their lawyer. In a mysterious turn of events, Laundrie disappeared as well within ten days after her return. Since then, the couple has remained untraceable. 

However, a recent discovery could shine a light on the mysterious happenings. An unidentified body has been discovered in Wyoming. Let us dive into the details to know more about the incident. 

Gabby Petitio: The Tragedy

A body has been found that is rumored to be of Gabby Petitio. He has remained lost for a large amount of time. The speculation will have forensics conduct an autopsy on the body. This would clear the smoke of doubt about whether the body is Petitio’s. The discovery was made by policemen and agents of the FBI. The body was found lying at a deserted location of the National Park of Bridger-Teton. 

The disappearance of Gabby Petitio has left the Americans in grief. He was a beloved vlogger known for his friendly nature. The search is on for his fiance, Laundrie. The police made immense efforts to track down Laundrie. They rummaged through her home and belongings. They had to cancel the search at the end of the day but ensured to come back again. 

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