Stimulus Check Of $4000 To Come In Couple Of Days

Social Security Rental Assistance Program
Rental Assistance Program

Submission of applications to crack the eligibility of stimulus check-like financial assistance leaves the Jacksonville, Florida residents with just a couple of days. The money is being given out to help the residents pay utility bills and rent that have been due because of the pandemic.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program may not be a stimulus check but it aims to make the money available for victims of COVID-19 who lost their source of earnings due to the pandemic. The money that is available for the eligible applicants is more than $3 million and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program since March 2021 has been giving away more than $62 million. Up till Wednesday morning, the number of people applying was more than 2000 and chances have been provided to more people who can apply up till 5 pm on Monday.

Stimulus Check: Do You Hit The Priority List?

The director of Jacksonville’s Neighborhoods Department operation, Chiquita Moore said to WJXT local TV station that although the money would be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, priority could be given to those with earnings less than or at par with 50% below the average median income, also those households with a minimum one or even more unemployed member of least 90 days.

The money that the eligible households would receive is supposed to be used to pay house rent for the past 12 months and also utility bills. According to Chiquita Moore, only those houses are considered eligible whose earnings have gone down below the average median income of 80%.

Following this priority for the stimulus checks has been given to those households whose wages have gone down below the area median income of 50%. Also, people who have gone unemployed for a minimum of 90 days have also been put on the priority list.