6 Best Careers for Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans
Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans can spend months and years fighting for the freedom many of us take for granted. If you are one of those veterans who has returned home disabled due to your service, you may find you can no longer do the work you were doing before you entered the military.  

If you are a disabled veteran who is dealing with unemployment, these six jobs may be perfect for you even with your disability. 


Accountants develop financial goals for a company and prepare financial reports that indicate how well the company is meeting those goals. Mobility is not necessary for a career as an accountant, which means you would be able to perform the duties in a wheelchair or with other mobility assistance requirements.  

Although you need a degree to become a Certified Public Accountant, there are other financial positions available that may not require a degree. 

Computer Support 

Many of today’s veterans come out of the service with special technical skills. If this sounds like you, a career in computer support may be an option. You may provide advice about computer software and hardware or you may assist a company with IT issues.  

Although you may need a degree for management positions in this field, many companies will hire veterans whose military service included computer skills. 

Management Consultant 

As a soldier, your responsibilities may have included managing platoons or troops in order to achieve military goals. This type of responsibility can prepare you for a career in management consulting.  

You may need to have an undergraduate degree for some positions, but there are companies that will hire veterans based on their military experience as well. This job may also include travel, something most veterans are used to after being deployed or stationed in other countries. 

Medical Records Technician 

Medical records technicians organize and manage healthcare information, ensuring that it is accurate and secure. They may also maintain patient records, track treatment histories, and create ways for people to access their health records.  

There is no degree required for this type of position, and it is a great option for those who have mobility issues. Some healthcare organizations have this type of position available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing a veteran with sleep problems to work during the night. 

Pharmaceutical Sales 

Pharmaceutical sales are an excellent option for veterans who are outgoing, friendly and enjoy talking to people. Even if you have minor mobility issues, you can still be successful in recommending pharmaceuticals to doctors. This position does not require any type of college degree, making it especially appealing to veterans. 

Vocational Counselor 

As a vocational counselor, you will assist others to gain the skills necessary to find employment. You may contact hiring managers to see if someone you are working with may be a good fit for their organization, or you may spend your days teaching others how to complete a resume, offering interview skills, or assisting them with employment in other ways.  

Although this may require a degree in some companies, others will hire veterans who have human resource experience even if they do not have a degree. 

According to the results of one survey by CareerBuilder, nearly 40 percent of the hiring managers who participated planned to actively recruit more veterans over the next year. Veterans in today’s job market can expect to have more opportunities, and as technological advances for the disabled improve, this will continue to increase. 

If you are a disabled veteran, there are many career options available to you, even beyond those listed here. In addition, a veteran disability lawyer can help identify an event in your military service that led to your current condition and look into other financial options you may have on top of employment.