Pope Francis Facing Difficulties Breathing

pope francis

His health deteriorated over the years. He is 86 years old and started facing age-related issues. Pope Francis will be soon hospitalized given his health concerns. He has not been doing well lately. This time he is facing a respiratory infection. The report showed an infection, prior he was facing some problems with it. He was tested in Rome hospital. The tests came out positive for what he had thought but not covid 19.

Pope Francis Is In Dire Need Of Medical Attention

After being diagnosed with a respiratory infection Pope was advised by the doctors to be hospitalized. Just after the press release, he received immediate wishes and prayers. He sent his gratitude to everyone.

Pope needs to stay under medical observation for at least for few days. He was so touched by all the prayers and wishes he received. He was so moved by all the closeness. The source says Pope had to go through a bunch of medical tests at the Gemeli. He has been doing great so far. He has been sleeping well even after all the tests.

The church of Rome is praying for Pope Francis’s speedy recovery. The whole of Italy is praying for precisely for Pope Francis. On Wednesday at the conference, the presidency of the Italian Episcopal prayed on behalf of all the bishops across Italy. They are praying for their holy father’s speedy recovery.

Further said they fully trust the doctors and everyone who is at Pope Francis’s service. The presidency perhaps has full faith in them. Pope Francis suffered from pneumonia in his younger days, and back then they had to remove a part of his lung. The recent respiratory problem perhaps concerns everyone. Last he had surgery on his knee, often seen walking with a stick or in a wheelchair.