Pietro Fittipaldi To Replace Grosjean In The Upcoming Race

Pietro Fittipaldi
Pietro Fittipaldi

Guenther Steiner, Principal of the Haas Team, visited Romain Grosjean this Monday at the hospital and later spoke about their decision of giving an off to their Frenchman owing to the burns and shock suffered by him. They decided on putting Pietro Fittipaldi on track.

Pietro Fittipaldi is the grandson of Emerson Fittipaldi who had won the F1 championship twice in his entire span of a career. Fittipaldi is a reserve driver of the Haas racing team and has accompanied most of the F1 races along with the team this season. So, he is the ideal substitute to Grosjean in the upcoming Grand Prix at Sakhir.

Pietro Fittipaldi: An Ideal Substitute

Pietro Fittipaldi is aged 24 and has earlier the cars in 2018 as well as 2019. Although the next race will offer him the first experience of driving the 2020 car as he will be practicing on 5th December, Friday.

Steiner declared that Grosjean will at least be skipping the next match of Formula One owing to the crash. As a result, Pietro Fittipaldi will be replacing him as he was the best choice for their team.

Steiner further added that Fittipaldi will be holding the wheels of VF-20. Also, he has is intimately connected to Haas for the last two F1 seasons while he was acting as a reserve and test driver. Undoubtedly, he was the best suited for the next race.

Additionally, it will prove to be a great opportunity for Pietro Fittipaldi to prove himself after a very long and patient wait.

Fittipaldi stated he is glad Grosjean is in good health albeit with minor burns. He would have preferred better circumstances for his first go at F1, nonetheless, he is grateful to the Haas team for trusting him with the responsibility.